viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

The wall fallen

Two years ago, I was in the high school, that day was like other normal day. However, when we returned from the playground, we were so bored, and we decided to play football in the class until the arrival of the professor.

We were a lot of people, we began to play five vs five in the back of the class, it had people from the two classes, A vs B, we were B. The match began to be so agressive and violent, and we fight. Then someone pushed to my friend, and this boy hit the wall of the class, this wall wasn`t very good, and with this shock the wall fell. As a consequence, the roof fell too.

All of us were very afraid and we run away.When the professor came to the class, he can´t believe it. He began to look for the causers of this problem.At the beginning all the people were silent, however the intense pressure which the professor have felt us, it did that we confess.

Finally the professor repaired the roof and the wall, and we returned to us house with a warning.


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