miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

The importance of recycling

In this text I will talk about the importance of the recycling, why we due recycle, and what will happen in the future if we don't recycle now.

Recycling is very important for the future of our planet. We must recycle because we can't 'use all time the natural resources because we finally will finish with them. For example, the trees, we must recycle all the paper that we can, in this way, we will can reduce the tree felling, we need the trees for the produce of oxygen.
 Another reason why we must recycle is because we can reduce the water pollution, if we don't begin to recycle now, in the future we don't have any water.
Another think that we get if we recycle is that we prevent the global warming, we prevent release of 32.9 millions metrics tons of carbon.

In conclusion, we must recycle if we want to have a good future and to have a better life.

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